We provide interpreting services and can supply you with interpretation equipment and required tools.

The following are key priorities characteristic of our interpreters:

  •  competence;
  •  professionalism;
  •  experience;
  •  thorough preparation.

A task of an interpreter is to help a client overcome not only a language, but a cultural barrier as well. Our high quality professional interpreting service provides not only good interpreters, but also good overall project management. Our experienced project managers very subtly yet significantly contribute to interpreters’ linguistic skills, expertise and careful preparation for interpreting.

We have accumulated great experience in working with various interpreting projects, thus we can ensure that your cooperation with foreign partners is successful. We provide various interpreting services - consecutive, simultaneous or “whispering in the ear” in projects on a variety of topics and names, from simple business meetings to major public events (such as international conferences).

What is the difference between simultaneous, “whispering” and consecutive interpreting?

Simultaneous interpreting is the kind of interpretation when an interpreter translates the words of a speaker in a few seconds after he/ she says them. Special equipment and an interpreting booth are required for interpreters performing such interpretation. The majority of modern hotels and conference centres have such equipment, and if they don’t - it can be rented (we provide rental services of the said equipment).

The above method of interpretation is used when a speaker does not want to stop speaking and wait for an interpreter to translate. In such a case the interpretation is heard only by those event participants who have headsets.

“Whispering” is used in cases when interpretation is needed for a small number of listeners - in such cases, an interpreter sits next to them and translates what a speaker is saying whispering to them. This method of interpretation does not require any equipment or additional tools: one interpreter can translate to a maximum of three listeners.

This method of interpreting is used in cases where there are only a few (up to three) listeners who need a translation and no additional equipment.

In consecutive interpreting, an interpreter starts to translate when a speaker pauses. An interpreter stands or sits beside a speaker, listens to what he/ she says and writes down certain comments or essential things, and then interprets in separate parts when a speaker pauses and waits.

Such method of interpretation is used in cases when there is sufficient time. It is important to know that in such a case all listeners listening to consecutive interpreting and a speaker listens to the same text twice, thus this method of interpretation takes twice as much time as compared to “whispering” or simultaneous interpreting, because a speaker has to pause from time to time allowing an interpreter to translate what has been said.

UAB Vertimo namai provides all interpreting-related services.

UAB Vertimo namai interpreters can interpret for you not only in any city of Lithuania, but also anywhere in Europe (if necessary, not only there). If necessary, our interpreters can accompany you during business trips interpreting there.

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