Localisation is a specialized service, which, through the use of special adaptation measures, enables for the maximum adaptation of a respective text to local conditions; if necessary, in such a case text is even written in a dialect of a certain location. Localisation is not only a simple translation of a text, but rather a maximum adaptation of that text to a local language through the use of a whole set of specific tools (local measuring units, writing of a date, etc.)

Our team of localisation experts consisting of real professionals takes into account cultural conditions of the country, which a translation is intended for (for the resident of which the translation is intended for), also to non-linguistic requirements, such as a method of communication, requirements for services relating to software, technical characteristics and additional services. Also, it is very important to find out, which programme will be used for using a translation.

Working with localisation programmes our specialists put a lot of effort to ensure that terms used in a translation match the terms established in that particular country, in the specific field. Localisation experts are responsible for making sure that the content of a translation complies with legal requirements valid in a certain country. In brief, localised translation is a text, which is absolutely adapted to local conditions and which sounds as if it was not translated, but rather written in that country by specialists of that country.

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