One of the services provided by UAB Vertimo namai is translations. We translate from / to 60 languages all documents: both personal documents as well as specialized texts. Specialized translations of certain areas are one of the most demanding and probably the hardest, but yet the most interesting areas of our operations.

Translations of specialized texts

Our translators will perform quality translations from/ to 60 languages of texts in the following fields:

  •  Medicine, pharmaceutics
  •  Law
  •  Economics
  •  Automotive industry
  •  Insurance
  •  Finance
  •  Tourism
  •  Advertising
  •  IT
  •  Technologies
  •  Engineering
  •  Other areas

We administer each order - regardless of whether it is a simple short business letter or a manual of several hundred pages - as a separate project in accordance with the following work principles:

  • At least two people (a translator and editor/ proof-reader) work with each translation. This principle ensures high quality translations by preventing human error.
  • Translators and editors/ proof-readers are selected for each translation in the view of their education, basics, experience, specialization and ability to translate in a given time. We have a sufficient number of translators to be able to assign most suitable translators for each order thus ensuring quality translations.
  • UAB Vertimo namai follows quality standards valid in Europe, thus the majority of translations are performed by native speaking translators. This is how we ensure that translated text is localised, i.e. adapted to linguistic environment of the country for which the translation is intended.

Translations retaining format

Documents to be translated are often presented to us in certain specific formats that need to be preserved throughout the translation process. In cases where a format is editable, there are no problems in doing that. However, it often happens so that a submitted text is not editable and a client wants to receive translation in original format. We do so with the help of our IT specialists.

Order translations online

Do not hesitate and order a translation in our translations bureau. For your convenience you can place on order online on this site.